“People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home” – Moorish Proverb

So, I did “travel” from these people, and I’d say I initially ignored them when I moved as well. Once I was separated from the original context of the relationship, I began to see, and value these people in a new light. I previously had looked at those close to me not for what they were in that moment, but as a culmination of everything I knew them as, and that actually limited my understanding and ability to be “fascinated” by them.

I don’t want to explain that, but here I go. By only experiencing someone for what you’ve known them as, you’re trapping them in this box labeled “best friend who will always be there/love me/make me cookies” or “teenage brother who i’ll always fight with.” But what are you left with if this box is removed? Poof! Magic! You’re left with no extra made up subtitle or meaning, just. this. person. And you can let go of all the “stories” you have about them and see them for who they are. This was hard for me to actually get until I moved halfway across the country and finally separated my loved ones from these stories I created.

To sum it up.
I took the people in my life (who I knew best) for granted.

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  1. They say one has to travel far to get that the treasure is at home. I acknowledge your passion, drive and courage and your commitment to the goodness of llife. Love/one lucky Dad

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